Your Donations Are Making The Difference.

TBG’s Education Foundation exists to help educate young men and women on the satisfying career opportunities that are available in the trades. We do this through the generous donations of people like you who have a vested interest in the vitality of the trade labor pool. The money you give goes directly to reaching students through scholarships, grants, tools for schools and an internship program. All of which are helping young people discover a better career path…in the trades.

The First Fruits Of The Foundation

Across the state, TBG’s Education Foundation along with its partners are doing their parts to introduce young people to the trades. Quite often, we’re hearing how our grants and scholarships are helping individuals get started on their careers. Here are just a couple of recent examples:

Brandi Rutten headshot

Brandi Rutten

MBEX Pinnacle Award Scholarship
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Majoring in Civil Engineering and Construction Management
Graduating May 2022

Even though I am studying both civil engineering and construction management, I discovered my passion truly lies in construction. As I was taking my civil engineering courses I noticed I really wanted to be a part of the planning process, not just the design, so that I could be more hands-on with projects and sites. This desire helped me realize that I could be more involved in the construction aspect of the engineering industry and has led me to pursue a career in construction management. After graduation next spring, I see myself working my way up to a project management role and utilizing my civil engineering background for communication and comprehension.


Joel Broberg

MBEX Pinnacle Scholarship Award
Full-time plumbing apprentice / Modern Mechanical & Automation
Master of Science in Construction Management /University of Wisconsin-Stout
Finish M.S.Spring 2023. Finish apprenticeship May 2024.

I am currently working on a Masters of Science in construction project management while work full-time through a plumbing apprenticeship program. I was introduced to the trades by my dad and brother. Being surrounded by skilled tradesmen my whole life made me realize that there is a sense of pride, admiration, and respect for learning a trade. I plan on completing my apprenticeship program to become a Minnesota and Wisconsin journeyman and eventually obtaining my Master Plumbing license in both states. I hope to share my pride in this profession and industry with others as I advance in my career and continue to grow my brother’s business.

Joel Broberg headshot


Teaching the Trades:

The TBG Education Foundation exists to help young women and men discover jobs in the trades. There is perhaps no greater example of how that works, than the relationship forged between the TBG Education Foundation, the Mesabi Range College and the Northern Minnesota Builders Association (NMBA). It all started 4 years ago when the Foundation ponied up the dollars to help the college buy tools for its sorely underfunded carpentry class. That’s when TBG was introduced to Leo Lukas and started investing in a man who was promoting careers in the trades throughout Iron Range schools. As an advocate for trade careers, Leo was mentoring tech teachers in 17 area high schools to help reinvigorate their shop classes. Once high school students are exposed to trade careers, Leo and the Mesabi Range College provide carpentry and construction classes as well as internships and job placement. Together they’re not just talking about careers in the trades, they are making it happen.

Partnerships like this are a great example of what could happen if more educators and trade businesses got together to introduce young people to the trades. That’s exactly what we’re striving for at the TBG Education Foundation and any money that you donate goes a long way to introduce more young people to the trades.

Grant Recipients

From left to right is Carie Olds, NMBA Executive Director; Richard Larson, Owner of Larson Construction, Inc / TBG Education Foundation Board Member; and Leo Lukas, Mesabi Range Technical College Carpentry Instructor.


A donation of $5,000 was presented to the Carpentry Program at Mesabi Range College and was then matched to purchase $10,000 worth of tools and equipment for the classroom. The program is a one-year, 31 credit program offering theory based learning with hands on training in basic carpentry skills. The program encourages a critical thinking approach in which students learn theory and then apply it to real life settings. By working as teams and learning how to deal with problems as they arise, students learn effective communication skills.


Scholarship Recipients


Sam plans to attend North Dakota State University located in Fargo, North Dakota and pursue a major in Construction Management. Sam has always enjoyed the building process and seeing projects come together. After college, Sam plans to one day own his own construction company.



Tony is making plans to attend Alexandria Technical and Community College located in Alexandria, Minnesota to pursue a degree in Carpentry. After graduating, Tony plans to work with a local cabinetmaker and learn the business side of carpentry. Once he gains the knowledge and financial stability needed, he hopes to start his own custom cabinetmaking shop.